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Tzu Chi’s Response to the Coronavirus Epidemic

In December 2019, several cases of pneumonia of unknown c… Read More »

Crossing the Seas to Meet You

In August 2019, the mainland Chinese government suspended… Read More »

Standing Tall for the Earth

As a photojournalist for Tzu Chi Monthly, I’ve interviewe… Read More »

The September 21 Earthquake–A Look Back 20 Years Later

That night, the earth shook and trembled powerfully. The … Read More »

Words From Dharma Master Cheng Yen–Cultivating the Heart of a Bodhisattva

This world we live in is full of suffering. There is suff… Read More »

Forming a Line of Protection—Tzu Chi Malaysia’s Anti-Coronavirus Efforts

Tzu Chi volunteers in Malaysia swung into action to fight… Read More »

Recent Issues

Syrian Refugees Give Back to
When students at El Menahil International School returned to school in September 2021 after the pandemic had eased, they donated their pocket money to help Tzu Chi headquarters in Taiwan purchase COVID vaccines to help speed up Taiwan’s vaccination program.
Choosing Wellness
Improving Your Health With a Whole-Plant Diet
Crops for Charity
A volunteer harvests cabbages on a Great Love Farm. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used. Volunteers work in shifts tending to and watering the crops.
Comfort and Care in Action Tzu
In April 2021, a train derailment in Hualien, eastern Taiwan, brought 49 lives to an abrupt end and broke the hearts of people across the island. The tragedy was Taiwan’s deadliest rail accident in decades. Tzu Chi volunteers mobilized to provide help, support, and warmth to hurting people.
Making Masks, Protecting Live
The first confirmed coronavirus case in Taiwan on January 21 was followed by a shortage of face masks. Seeing the need, Tzu Chi volunteers jumped in to help relieve the shortage. Their actions proved once again the truth of their maxim: “We’ll be wherever we are needed.”
The Epidemic
The world is a global village, and all our lives are closely intertwined. The spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus is yet another proof of this. Quarantines or lockdowns of cities are measures to contain the spread of the disease, not to build walls between people. What can we do for each other in this crisis faced by all humanity?

Photo Stories

Young female soccer teams competing for the ball during a football match

Two young female soccer teams competing for the ball during a football match on a dark autumn evening

(Photographer /Ansel Adams)

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